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The St Margaret window on the eastern side of the nave was designed by Ann Sotheran of York. It depicts St. Margaret with many references to her life.

Margaret is the centre holding a book. She was said to have carried her copy of the gospels with her at all times.  The cross of St. Andrew is prominent and Margaret’s coat of arms. She rebuilt the church at St. Andrew’s and set up a ferry service to get people there (Queensferry) and these appear just below the St. Andrew’s Cross. To the left of St. Margaret is the Abbey at Dunfermline built by Margaret and Malcolm and where they lived.  She is depicted kneeling in prayer because she was so devout and there is also a section of needlework because she set up a school of needlework in Scotland. She is shown in the lowest panel feeding a group of orphans, one of her many daily acts.  Her six sons are shown with their father—three of them were Kings of Scotland and her two daughters are shown below Margaret.  At the centre of the window is a daisy ( a Marguerite) a symbol of innocence and purity with a pearl at the centre.  St Margaret is known as the Pearl of Scotland. This beautiful window was bought for us by the late Amy Fisher.